Monday, January 19, 2009


Banned book predicts end of Mubarak’s regime and coming political earthquake. “The Last Pharaoh” dissects the political life in Egypt, exposes deep corruption, human rights abuses, and the use of anti-Semiticism and anti-Americanism to gain popularity. The book reveals the story of expelling of more than 100,000 Egyptian Jews, influence of Nazism on Egyptian politics, Mubarak’s personality cult, and the use of religion to give legitimacy to oppression. Concerns about Mubarak’s health draw attention to who will next rule Egypt? Succession plan for Mubarak’s son Gamal already in place. Memories of the Shah’s fall, Marcos and Suharto brings fear of a similar event in Egypt. President Obama is likely to face a dilemma in Egypt:“Would America intervene to preserve Mubarak & Son’s faltering rule? Would an ambitious general stage another coup? Would Egypt witness a Khomeini-style revolution? With alarming poverty in Egypt; could Egypt have a French-Revolution style?

Praise for “The Last Pharaoh”
“This book is stunning in its revelations of Mubarak’s stranglehold on every aspect of life in this glorious, long suffering nation. Connecting one mysterious dot to the next, the author teases the reader from chapter to chapter as he lucidly explains the details of Egypt’s worst kept secrets of all…the ‘secret’ of Mubarak’s power and how he plans to rule from his own royal crypt. " - Prof Tate Miller

Why everyone has to read this book?

“Let me give you the four scariest words I can't pronounce in Arabic: Egypt after Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak's "emergency rule" dictatorship is deep into its third decade, making him one of Egypt's most durable pharaohs. His succession plan is clear: Son Gamal tries to replicate Beijing's model of economic reform, forestalling political reform...” - Thomas P. M. Barnett, Esquire columnist and author of “The Country to Watch: Egypt."

“U.S. policymakers now face a difficult choice: continuing to support the iron-fisted rule of Egypt's current president and his likely hand-picked successor, or backing a beleaguered democratic opposition that some believe could open the door to Islamic fundamentalist rule”. - Voice of America.

"Egypt is the next domino to fall and, as they say, so goes Egypt so goes the Middle East.”
- Robert Baer, former Middle East-based CIA operative, author of See No Evil and Sleeping with the Devil

“Equally alarming is the rise of anti-American and Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in Egypt’s state media and society. Haunted by the memories of the overnight fall of the Shah of Iran to the Ayatollahs, U.S. policymakers fear a similar event in Egypt. Bush's successor is likely to face an unbelievably bad choice in the largest Arab country. Elaasar’s book is indeed an eye opener”
- Swiss News Agency

“With so much at stake, the West is slowly coming to grips with a new reality; a reality which no single book or author could possibly address. The Last Pharaoh should be indispensable to anyone hoping to understand Egypt’s role, not only the Middle East, but the potential for Mubarak’s Egypt to impact the destiny of global events”. - The Media Oasis.

“In this remarkably frank and revealing portrayal of Mubarak’s Egypt, no reader of this book could ever again think of Egypt as anything less than the potential tipping point of Middle Eastern society.” - Syndicated columnist Ray Hanania.

"The Last Pharaoh is remarkably thorough. The simplicity of the style and content makes this book required reading for students, journalists, policymakers and general public in order to better understand the mechanisms of authoritarianism and despotism in Egypt." - Political Science Professor, Noureddine Jebnoun, University of Montana.

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